North Union Community School District

New CDC Quarantine Guidance

Dear Parent/Guardian;

The CDC has officially released their new quarantine guidance.  The CDC continues to recommend a quarantine for 14 days, but recognizes that reducing the length of the quarantine period may increase community compliance with all quarantines.  Because of this, they have approved acceptable alternative ways to shorten a quarantine period from their current 14 days.  This guidance is for anyone who has been in close contact (less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) with a positive case of COVID-19.


#1-The quarantine period is now 10 days from the last date of exposure.  Quarantine would end on day 10 and return to school on day 11.

#2-Quarantine would end on day 7 WITH A NEGATIVE COVID TEST, return to school on day 8.  It is recommended that testing is not done until day 5.  Rapid tests are not an option as you must be symptomatic to access the rapid test at this time.  When returning to school please provide a copy of your negative test results.  

Please continue to self monitor through day 14 for any symptoms of COVID-19.  

If your child is ever identified by local public health as a close contact we then ask that you contact the school and let the school nurse know what option you will be choosing. Currently, we are calling students a day before their return to school to make sure they are symptom free. This will help us determine when to contact you.  

Please feel free to contact the school nurse if you have any questions regarding the new guidance.  

Thank you for your continued support this school year!

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