North Union Community School District

Snow Day Information for Families

October 29, 2020 

North Union Families

The format for snow days is going to be different than in past school years. This school year, we are able to have virtual learning days count towards the 178 required days of the school year. The first two snow days we have this year will be done virtually. The next five snow days will be made up in May. If there are any additional snow days, they will be virtual. The goal behind having both virtual and inperson learning during snow days is to finish the school year before June 1st while also providing as much inperson learning for our students as possible. Covid19 forced us to miss multiple days last year as a district and days this year for some students. However, Covid19, also provided another option of learning for our students and teachers via virtual learning. By doing some of both during snow days, we are trying to honor the work our students and teachers have put into preparing for virtual learning while also having inperson learning. You will receive additional information from your individual students building principal about their virtual snow day plans


Travis Schueller, Superintendent 

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