North Union Community School District

MS/PK-5 Swea City

North Union, Swea City Campus is made up of North Kossuth Elementary and North Union Middle School.
Our students are our number one priority. We believe in providing opportunities for all students to be successful life learners. Some of these opportunities can appear challenging or rigorous but we are always responding to what the students show they need. All of this happens in a safe and caring environment with on-going collaboration amongst all employees. This vision is what roots us to the past while also propelling our students to be prepared for the world they will be entering.

North Union has a professional learning goal of enhancing quality instructional practices among teachers to meet a range of learners. To meet this goal, the staff is focusing on the following areas:
A mind set of high expectations for all learners emphasizing student strengths and weaknesses
Deep knowledge of curriculum and how to use assessments to drive instruction
Excellent classroom teaching techniques focused on clear learning targets

Even with all of the changes to the structure of where kids attend school, North Union continues to have its roots deep in the rich past of who our students are and how we teach them for life.

Julie Runksmeier, Principal

Cortney Stevens, Administrative Assistant

Steve Ryan, Athletic Director

MS/PK-5 Swea City Campus Contact Information

203 5th Street North
Swea City, IA 50590
Phone: (515) 272-4361
Fax: (515) 272-4391