North Union Community School District

Bus Routes

School Bus Policy

The North Sentral Kossuth Community School District provides students bus service. The driver is in charge of the students and bus. Students should respond to the driver as they would to a teacher. The privilege of students to ride on the bus is conditional on their reasonable behavior and observation of the rules and regulations. Safety demands complete cooperation. Should any student persist in violation of the rules and regulations, it shall be the duty of the driver to notify the school administration and, after due warning has been given to the student, the privilege of riding the bus could be revoked.

Bus Rules:

  1. I am a responsible passenger.
  2. I will respect the driver, myself, other passengers and property.
  3. I am courteous.
  4. I will act in a safe way.

Misbehavior on Bus:
Penalty at discretion of principal depending on circumstances. (May include removal from bus for 1-10 days or permanent removal from bus by a formal hearing.) Serious misbehavior on the bus may also be cause for punishment up to and including suspension or expulsion from school