North Union Community School District

English Learners & LAU Plan

English Language Learner (ELL)

The major goal of the North Kossuth Community School District English Language Learner Program is to develop the English language skills of English language learners so that they can function well both in an English language academic setting and in society at a level comparable to their native English-speaking peers.

The district plan was designed to meet the instructional needs of English Learners (ELs). It is referred to as the Lau Plan (Lau v. Nichols, 1974). Clink the link below to view the plan: LAU Plan North Kossuth Community School District

Home Language Survey Access & Information

 All parents are asked to complete the Home Language Survey-IA (HLS-IA) at time of registration (281.60.3(1)).  (There is no need for parents who have already filled out the survey in a previous year to fill it out again.  This is a one time deal.  The survey is found at the link below in 28 different languages.  Completed home language surveys are placed in the student’s cumulative folder. North Kossuth Community School District is prepared to conduct oral or native language interviews in the student’s home language in Spanish with those adults who may not have sufficient English or literacy skills to complete a survey written in English or in their home language (281-60.3(1)).  If there is a need for other languages, every attempt is made to find competent adults in the community or uses Language Line services.  Note that a positive response to an item on this survey does not in itself identify a student as an English Learner (EL); it merely helps to screen students for potential consideration.If a new family indicates a language other than English on the HLS-IA, or there are other indicators of EL need, the school secretary notifies the EL teacher upon the student’s arrival.  The EL teacher will facilitate the identification process as needed.

LINK:  TransACT Home Language Survey